Kawartha Mounted Archers

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Kawartha Mounter Archers offers private and semi-private lessons 


  Horseback Riding                                              1hr private lesson  $50          1hr semi private $40

  Mounted Archery                                               1hr private lesson  $50          1hr semi private $40

"Heart Connected Horsemanship"                   1hr private lesson $40           1hr semi private $40

"Heart Connected Horsemanship" on the ground and in the saddle is ideal for:

  •  those who are new to the world of horses
  •  experienced equestrians who wish to have a more intuitive connection with their equine partners
  •  increasing rider skill and confidence
  •  identifying and shifting behaviors and thoughts that create unnecessary challenge between horse and human
  • resolving horse issues that are not necessarily training based 


-All instruction is offered on site or at your location. 

-Additional travel fees may apply based on distance. 

Contact  us for any additional information or to book your space. 


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