Thanks for your interest in Kawartha Mounted Archers 

Membership Information and Benefits

• The yearly membership fee is $75. When you become a member with Kawartha Mounted Archers you automatically become a registered member with the Canadian Federation of Mounted Archery.

• Your KMA membership includes liability insurance.

Members automatically receive liability insurance for all KMA events and any CFMA events.

• Membership gives you discounts for clinics, training camps and domestic competition.

• Access to group practice dates and visitation at various available shooting tracks

• Access to “by invite only” international competitions

• Connection with a wonderful group of individuals who shoot for skills and thrills!!!  

Insurance Information

Accident insurance is not yet available in Canada for horse archery specific injuries and is still the responsibility of each individual. CMA members are expected to provide their own equine related accident insurance through their provincial equine association

(ie Ontario Equestrian Federation)

​Q: What is the difference between liability insurance and accident insurance?

Liability insurance simply protects organizations and individuals within organizations from being sued should something happen at an event.

Accident insurance is usually held by an individual to receive payment should they have an accident themselves.

Q: What coverage is given to a member?

This includes things like property damage, personal injury or bodily injury, medical malpractice, firefighting, horse injury. Most facilities require event organizers to hold this kind of insurance.

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Welcome to Kawartha Mounted Archers!


Memberships can be paid in cash or by e-transfer

C$75.00 via email transfer to [email protected]

( Q: what do we shoot? A: arrows)

For membership registration simply email us and provide the following information





Postal Code:




The insurance policy is available for review to any member through the CFMA. Please read, and ask specific questions regarding that document if there is an unknown or need for better understanding.

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